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Combining anthropology and design to build compelling consumer products and experiences

About us

Loke Mackenzie is run by Pamela and Alex, an anthropologist and a designer.

Founded in 2013, Loke Mackenzie is a boutique consultancy that helps clients build their innovation pipeline.

Using a unique blend of anthropological insight and design thinking, we help clients unblock problems and identify new opportunities.

Our approach is developed from years of experience, working on blockbuster brands in diverse sectors, and it has stood the test of time.

We have a consistent track record in delighting our clients above and beyond their expectations.


We have a long and successful history in innovation working with industry leaders.


Innovation Projects


Blockbuster Brands

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Blue Chip Clients


What our clients say about their experience of working with us.

We were grappling for ages with a sticky problem that was hard to even define. Loke Mackenzie broke our vague brief into something much more actionable – incorporating an iterative approach with evolving phases. Each phase delivered tangible value at handover and often challenged the prevailing wisdom. They’ve really assessed the information they’ve received, rather than attempting to retrofit it to their recommendation.

- Brand Manager

Loke Mackenzie has a pragmatic approach and really cares about creating outputs of tangible value, rather than just taking the fee to come up with interesting thoughts and ideas. I believe this is a unique selling point that differentiates them from other consultancies working in the innovation/design space.

- R&D Director

I am impressed by the unique combination of skills and backgrounds from Pam and Al, which brought a new and different approach to our project. Loke Mackenzie thought of things we never would have done, when approaching the fieldwork as well as interpreting the learnings.

- Consumer Insight Specialist

With Loke Mackenzie, you get some mega brains thinking about your problem, without bias or agenda. They were a lot less distracted than we’d been internally by sound bites and woolly thinking, such as opinions masquerading as facts. They saw through a lot of that and told us what was really happening - and what’s more backed it up with evidence. It’s exciting working with people who tell you how it is and how to fix it.

- Senior Executive

How we can help

Our work covers three broad areas, and we tailor each project to suit the brief.

Product innovation

Create compelling products that enhance the brand and drive growth.

Bring benefits
to life

Fire up the right cues and stories to make the product stand out.

Influence behaviour

Tap into consumers’ motivations and habits, to drive desirable usage behaviour.

Project structure

We split each project into two distinct phases of work:

Deconstruct the problem
Crystalise the problem
Break the problem into tractable chunks
Define objectives and milestones
Identify where client has control and right to succeed
Map the playing field for innovation
Create the broadest possible range of options
Assemble the solutions
Uncover embedded consumer mindset
Create complementary consumer stories
Build concepts around selected stories
Develop product, message and use experience
Specify technical and design guardrails
Prepare stimulus and facilitate validation

Our capabilities

Some of the tools of our trade.

Mapping the opportunity space

Survey the product space to expand current thinking and uncover new opportunities

Especially relevant for clients in mature categories, where it appears there is little headroom for growth

Product ideation

Create new products or update existing products

Especially relevant for clients looking to fill innovation pipelines, or to commercialise proprietary technology

Building consumer story and mindset

Build vocabulary and logic that make the product more credible, relevant and compelling

Especially relevant for clients looking to communicate a black box technology or unfamiliar product

Primary and secondary consumer research

Bring fresh consumer insights

Especially relevant where there are knowledge gaps that do not easily lend themselves to conventional research

Paving a usage journey

Steer the consumer’s interactions with the product, using a coherent system of cues

Especially relevant for increasing consumer compliance and experiential delight

Validating ideas

Package ideas in formats suitable for qualitative or quantitative tests

Especially relevant for taking ideas to the next stage gate

Why choose us

The reasons why our clients come back to us.

Cross-sector experience

We have amassed rich insights on how consumers behave across sectors, by working with the best innovators in diverse fields. We help our clients avoid sector-constrained thinking.

Breakthrough thinking

We bring fresh perspectives and crystalise fuzzy problems.
We help our clients overcome tough challenges and break new ground.

Strategic project design

Our projects are tailored to take the client as far as possible, with the resources available. We focus on the objective and build opportunities that are real and achievable.

Flexible partnership

We pick the tools to match the challenge. Our broad skill set means that we never have to force fit the brief to any rigid process. It also lets us adapt to new developments on evolving projects.

Meet the team

We combine creative energy and lateral thinking with a good dose of pragmatism.

Since 2001, Pamela has delivered aha! moments to R&D and Marketing leaders in more than 100 brands, including LEGO, Wonderbra, Cadbury, Neutrogena, Vicks, and Range Rover.

One unique skill Pamela brings is the ability to translate subjective and abstract needs into tangible product briefs. An anthropologist by training, a lot of her work is about probing unarticulated consumer mindsets, and using them as a springboard for breakthrough innovation.

Conversely, Pamela also helps clients package technical inventions into relevant and compelling consumer stories.

Born and bred in Singapore, Pamela has worked and lived in Oxford, Beijing and Amsterdam, before settling in Cambridge, UK.

Alex is a designer and design thinker with over a decade of experience working with blue chip clients, including J&J, Kraft, Shell, PepsiCo and RB.

Alex is focused on getting the most out of any investment in innovation. A pragmatic and agile strategist, he collaborates across multifunctional teams and moves comfortably between big-picture exploration and detailed execution. He works closely with clients to understand their needs and deliver useful outcomes that can be taken forwards.

When delivering an idea, a key skill is the ability to anticipate execution options that play to the client’s strengths. Using his background in industrial design, Alex has helped develop successful, patented products in a diverse range of consumer categories.

Get in touch

What to expect when you start a conversation with us.

People don’t end up in our line of work without being a bit curious, so we are very happy to have exploratory discussions that may or may not turn into a project. We don’t believe in the hard sell as a way to build client relationships.

What’s likely to happen when you get in touch:

  1. We answer any questions you have about us, such as questions about our capabilities.
  2. We can discuss any topics that you want to explore. At this stage, we are happy to just listen and share any ideas and relevant experiences.
  3. We offer some advice on how we will tackle the topic if we were in your position, and we will specify where our skills may be relevant (or not).

If, after this discussion, you believe that there is potential for us to work together, we will put together a project plan that is tailored to your needs. We will write a proposal based on a fixed fee, which includes information required by you to secure the budget. You can then decide whether to go ahead.


If you’d like to know more about what we do, and how we can help then say hello!

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